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High School Youth Ministry

What it is: Emmaus Nights are not a class, youth group, or source of entertainment, but an ongoing retreat experience! There are aspects of our retreats that really resonate with the teens, and we aimed to translate those elements to a weekly opportunity. We want teens at Emmaus to encounter God, have time to relax, talk about faith or life, and form deep and meaningful relationships.

For Emmaus Summer, we start with a super fun, active game that gets kids laughing, competing, and working together as teams in anything from "Slip-n-Slide Kickball" to a "Hunger Games" competition. After a good hour and a half running around and making crazy memories, we move into the more traditional part of an Emmaus Night schedule. That means authentic fellowship and sharing in small groups the students choose for themselves. Followed by a short story about Jesus, and time in prayer with worship music!

Date/Time: SUMMER SCHEDULE: Sundays, 6:00 - 9:00 PM
2017 Summer Dates: June 4, June 25, July 23, July 30, Aug. 6, Aug. 20* Aug. 27

Location: Starts at the Youth Room (3510 Vivian Ave), but the games are outside!

To Register: No Registration needed, and it's free! Open to 8th-12th graders
Want More Details?: Check the Summer Schedule, the Q&A page, or the original Newsletter!




What it is: It's an overnight retreat for all high school and adult leaders looking to grow in faith, get to know their peers/ fellow team members, and develop some excellent ministry skills!

While on retreat, we have a series of great talks and discussions on Christian leadership, plenty of time for reflection and prayer, small groups, worship music, and some more unique "new" or cool types of prayer too (if the weather is nice, we'll have some outdoor star-gazing worship this year!). There is plenty to learn, plenty of ways to deepen your faith, and plenty of great role models to meet and work with.

We are also very intentional that this be a "hands on" retreat - every skill we work on or talk about is something the teens & adults will get to practice firsthand, whether it's part of various workshops, activities, or competitions that we design. We make learning fun, practice fun, and becoming a great peer minister and leader fun!

Speaking of fun... these retreats are also where we do a lot of our most popular games and team-builders! There's the annual "Murder Mystery" that is 1st unveiled at the Leaders Retreat (very popular with the kids and with our adults who enjoy some campy characters). There also outdoor games/competitions, like our previous years' zombie survival games and Hunger Games tournaments. The Leaders Retreat is where we introduce our newest, most intense and goofy fun ideas - so don't miss the chance to try all these games first! This is many of our teens' favorite weekend for a reason.

Date/Time: August 12-13, Saturday 1:00 - Sunday 4:00 PM
Location: Camp Onomia Retreat Center
To Register: Registration will go live mid-summer for the retreat, for now save the date! Thanks to generous donations, we will again be able to keep the price for this retreat in the $50-70 range.

What it is: Retreat Team is an awesome opportunity for youth to share their faith, have a lot of fun, be part of a close-knit community, and change some lives! The Team helps plan and run off-site retreats through St. Odilia, working with our Youth Minister. Team members can help with anything from skits to games, logistics to icebreakers, faith testimonies to worship and prayer ministry.

How to Join: Retreat Team has two meetings in most weeks. Emmaus Nights are where our team prays together, talks with each other, and grows closer in fellowship as a team. New leaders start with this piece, as they get to know the team, learn how to be an effective small group, and grow in their own faith!
After joining the team on Sundays and becoming part of the Retreat Team community, students will have a chance to officially apply to be on team (like they would apply to lead VBS, Summer Stretch, etc.).

Date/Time: Retreat Team Emmaus Nights are on Sundays (see above for details).
Retreat Team Business Meetings are on Tuesdays from 4-6 PM.
Location: Emmaus meets in the Courtyard, business meetings are in the St. Odilia Youth Room
(in the 3510 Vivian building, not main building)

To Register: No registration required before attending meetings - but there is an application process to be on team, and each retreat will include a registration form & discounted event fee.
UPCOMING EVENT: Retreat Team is done with their retreats for the year, but is still meeting to help plan summer programming and changes/updates for next year's retreats. We're also still doing skill training and team bonding each week!

Meetings for the 2017-18 retreats will begin on Tuesday, August 1
as we start preparing for the Parent/Child Retreat on August 26.

What it is: Faith Spark is St. Odilia's new youth ministry program for 6th-9th graders, designed to pump up our youth and inject some excitement into our experience of faith!With live music, funny videos by our leaders, and high-energy games, these nights are sure to spark some interest in our 6th—9th graders. And the youth-oriented messages will help students take those first steps in their faith! If this is our teens’ first experience with youth ministry, we want it to be an awesome one!

Faith Spark is done for the 2016-17 school year (no June event) but get next year's dates on the calendar!
Date/Time: Wednesdays, 6:30 - 8:00 PM
2017 - 2018 dates: Sept. 20, Oct. 4, Nov. 1, Dec. 6, Jan. 10, Feb. 7, March 7, April 18, May 2

Location: The Courtyard at St. Odilia
To Register: No registration required, and it's FREE!

What it is: Lifeline is a huge teen mass and event that draws over 1,000 people per event! There are excellent, youth-oriented homilies and fantastic music by Christian rock group SONAR. Each month after mass there is a keynote speaker, concert, or breakout sessions. The event is hosted by NET Ministries, and features students from dozens of parishes each month. St. Odilia organizes a group to travel to and attend the events most months, and we also get dinner before the event - check below for details on registering and joining our group for the trip!

Date/Time: The 1st Saturday of each month, November-May
Times are usually 3:30 PM - 10:00 PM (but check prior to event as some months differ)

Location: Event is at NET Center in West St. Paul, we carpool from the Faith Formation building

To Register: Registration for the 2017-2018 events will go live in September, in advance of the first event on Oct. 7. Watch for the online registration!

For more information
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